Utah Ski Resorts: Hopeful for the Best, Prepared for the Worst

In spite of last year’s lackluster snowfall–which was just 60% of normal–Utah Ski Resorts managed to fall only roughly 10% short of their all-time high for yearly visitors set during the 2016-2017 ski season. But how could this be? 40% less snow  and yet only a 10% fall in visitors is amazing–and it was all made possible by one long-term investment: Artificial snow. Several Ski Resort spokespeople throughout the years–and least year especially–have credited a large portion of their early and continued success throughout the ski season to the ability to create artificial snowfall. While mother nature’s a big help, it shouldn’t be one’s sole provider considering her volatility.

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“We also expanded our snowmaking system this season,” stated Jessica Miller, Senior Communications Specialist for Park City Mountain. “A little help from Mother Nature is always welcomed, but our mountain operation teams are ready to make snow whenever weather permits.” Many believe that snowmaking has transformed itself into an essential part of business in the Ski industry–Especially Vail Resorts, owners of Park City Mountain as well as 12 other ski resorts around the world. With resorts situated all around the globe, at least a few are bound to have a lack of snowfall at some point.


Whether or not we get a plethora of snowfall–which we’re predicted to have a 33% chance of having–the Utah Ski resorts are home to the world’s finest skiing and boarding. If you’re interested in booking a trip for yourself to the greatest snow  on Earth, be sure to call the team at Utahstate.com today & save!

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