The Utah Olympic Park: An Adventure Awaiting your Arrival

Just 25 minutes uphill from Salt Lake toward Park City lies the Utah Olympic Park site of the bobsleigh, luge, ski jumping, skeleton, and Nordic combined Olympic events. On top of this location boasting a fascinating Ski Museum and day lodge, there are plenty of activities for us non-Olympians to check out.

Utah Olympic Park

From professional athletes to young children to adolescents,  a large assortment of ages and skill ranges train at this facility, making it possible for locals (and non-locals) to really push themselves to reach the peak of their potential in Winter Sports performances (and, sometimes, rise in the ranks to true prominence).

The Utah Olympic Park also contains a rope courses enjoyable for both adults and children, along with a Drop Tower that boasts a 377-foot-long zip line through the mountainous treetops. And, at the end of the zip line portion of the ride, you get to step off a platform for a thrilling 65-foot free fall.

In the winter, you can pay to have a professional bobsled pilot take you and a friend down the Olympic bobsled track. (Yes, it’s as exciting as it sounds.) During the summer, you have access to the aerial training splash pool where skiers soar off jumps, practice tricks, and splash gracefully into the welcoming waters below.

The Olympic Park is truly a place where anyone, professional athlete or not, can put their skills to the test and enjoy a little adrenaline-fueled adventure.

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