Snowbird Resort On Cusps of Breaking All-Time Snowfall Record

“688 inches”, Brian Brown, the Communications Manager for Snowbird Ski Resort claimed. “It continues to snow, so that number keeps going up”.

Snowbird Ski Resort

While the resort stopped keeping official measurements on April 30th, May has been a rather stormy month for the state of Utah with the mountains predicted to get up to a foot in snowfall this week. Such an amount would put a milestone of 700 inches of snowfall within one year in reach–a rather drastic improvement over the previous record of 690 inches.


To celebrate the crazy amount of snowfall received this year, Snowbird is planning to open during memorial weekend and stay open until mid-June, around father’s day. And–if conditions allow–perhaps even a ski special on July 4th!

Ski Staff

Excited for the extended ski season to roll around as a result of this phenomenal snowfall? Feel free to call the team (801) 544-1800 or visit our website at today & save BIG!

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