Ski Resorts Starting to Open for Business

As the winter storms begin to plow through the mountains and valleys alike, many ski resorts are starting to open up their slopes for any who wish to ski! The first resort to open, this past Tuesday, was Brighton. Brighton has currently opened around 3 slopes for 2 ski lifts, and is planning to open more in the coming few weeks, with ticket prices starting at $45, and the total amount being sold limited to avoid overcrowding.


However, on November 22nd, just one day after Brighton had opened its doors, two other ski resorts had opened theirs! Both the Snowbird and Park City/Canyon ski resorts were allowing anxious skiers down their slopes. In the span of just two days, it would seem that the corporate race of the 2017-2018 ski season had begun!

Snowbird Ski Resort

However, there are still many competitors who are looking to make a powerful entrance once the month passes. Alta ski resort has its projected opening day at December 1st, and Brian Head has scheduled a temporary 3-day opening on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd of December!

Alta Logo

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