Ski Museum Hosts New Exhibits Honoring Utah Athletes

Alf Engel and Stein Erikson. What do these two men have in common? Well, other than both being Norwegian skiers who later settled in Utah, they’reĀ also both featured in the Alf Engel Ski Museum at the Olympic Park! The museum seeks to honor and preserve the accomplishments of these two 20th century skiers–and now several modern skiers as well.


“Our family didn’t know what to do with dad’s trophies.” Alan Engel stated, explaining his family’s reasons for building the museum. “He had a whole house full of them”. Engel states that the museum serves as a means to preserve and honor the skiers throughout Utah’s history along with their success, accomplishments, and contributions to the sport. Recently, the museum unveiled two new exhibits hoping to achieve this goal.

“We broke from being just Olympic athletes who have done well at World Championships” stated Tom Kelly, the chairman of the museum’s board, in regards to adding the new exhibits. “We wanted to make sure they were honored”. The first to be honored was Sarah Hendrickson–the first female to jump at the Olympic events. Hendrickson had also claimed several victories at international tournaments.


The second skier to be honored was Lindsey Van, whom was influential in the decision regarding allowing women to participate in the 2014 Olympic ski jump event–which Hendrickson took place in. She accomplished this by winning a lawsuit after the 2010 Olympics hosted a Men’s Ski Jump, but failed to provide a Woman’s Ski Jump event.

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