Freeride Skiing

image4Freeriding is the idea of a competitive skiing/snowboarding event in which there is nothing but the skier and an open mountain face. Competitors must carefully plan, execute, and style on real-life terrain. There are but 3 unnatural elements to a freeride course: The starting line, Finish line, and a panel of judges.

Competitive freeriding has slowly become more and more popular due to its open, free, and natural elements. In the US and Canada alone there are more than 100 professional teams and 2,000 junior participants during the International Freeskiers & Snowboarders Association’s ‘Junior Freeride Series’.

Snowbird lgoo

Amongst the most popular Freeriding destinations is Utah’s own Snowbird Ski Resort! If you wish to see what a freeride resort is like for yourself, feel free to contact the team at to get you the most affordable deals on ski and snowboard resorts today!

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