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Snowbird Resort On Cusps of Breaking All-Time Snowfall Record

Thursday, May 23rd, 2019

“688 inches”, Brian Brown, the Communications Manager for Snowbird Ski Resort claimed. “It continues to snow, so that number keeps going up”.

Snowbird Ski Resort

While the resort stopped keeping official measurements on April 30th, May has been a rather stormy month for the state of Utah with the mountains predicted to get up to a foot in snowfall this week. Such an amount would put a milestone of 700 inches of snowfall within one year in reach–a rather drastic improvement over the previous record of 690 inches.


To celebrate the crazy amount of snowfall received this year, Snowbird is planning to open during memorial weekend and stay open until mid-June, around father’s day. And–if conditions allow–perhaps even a ski special on July 4th!

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Freeride Skiing

Wednesday, March 13th, 2019

image4Freeriding is the idea of a competitive skiing/snowboarding event in which there is nothing but the skier and an open mountain face. Competitors must carefully plan, execute, and style on real-life terrain. There are but 3 unnatural elements to a freeride course: The starting line, Finish line, and a panel of judges.

Competitive freeriding has slowly become more and more popular due to its open, free, and natural elements. In the US and Canada alone there are more than 100 professional teams and 2,000 junior participants during the International Freeskiers & Snowboarders Association’s ‘Junior Freeride Series’.

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Amongst the most popular Freeriding destinations is Utah’s own Snowbird Ski Resort! If you wish to see what a freeride resort is like for yourself, feel free to contact the team at to get you the most affordable deals on ski and snowboard resorts today!

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Snowbasin Joins Multi-Resort ‘Epic Pass’

Thursday, February 28th, 2019

Run by Park City’s own Vail Resorts, the ‘Epic Pass’ is a multi-resort ski & snowboarding pass viable at several resorts nation-wide. And now, the Utah-based Snowbasin resort is joining up with them as a partnered resort–joining Vail’s own Park City Mountain as the only other Utah-based resort.

While the ‘Epic Pass’ may be run by Vail Resorts, you can rest assured knowing that Snowbasin will still operate independently as their own resort. “This will [...] greatly benefit Snowbasin’s longtime clientele with expanded access to resorts across the globe.” stated Davy Ratchford, general manager of Snowbasin Resort, explaining the resort’s reasoning for teaming up with Vail Resorts and their ‘Epic Pass’ deal.

Interested in checking out this new version of the ‘Epic Pass’ deal launching on March 5th along with its various resorts in Utah, Colorado, and even Japan? Feel free to call one of our agents at (801)544-1800. We live Ski–We are the Utah Ski experts!

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Utah Hit With Snowstorm–More On The Way!

Friday, February 8th, 2019

Over the course of the past few days, Utah has been hit with large waves of snowstorms throughout both the valley and the mountains. With estimates of up to six inches within the Greater Salt Lake area, things are looking great for the ski industry!


According to recent reports from Ski Utah, several ski resorts have eclipsed a 100-inch base on top of up to 15 inches during the last 48 hours alone! With even more, larger snowstorms along the way it looks like the ski industry is going to close out the 2019 season with a bang! Huge amounts of snow coming in, just towards the end of February and the beginning of march with the majority of the resorts avoiding closing until at least late April–there’s still plenty of time to get in some time on the slopes!

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Utah doesn’t just have a lot of snow, either–Utah is home of the finest snow on Earth! Down here the snow’s formed with low amounts of humidity, allowing it to take on the powdery texture that allows a smooth ski down some of the greatest slopes you’ll ever meet down in our various ski resorts such as Alta, Snowbird, Park City, and more!

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Ski Resorts Shut Down After Major MLK Jr. Day Snowstorm

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019

While the snow on MLK Jr. Day was plentiful in the cities–causing it cancel several parades including ones in Sugar House and at Utah State University–it was even greater up in the mountains and, specifically, at the Snowbird and Alta Ski Resort area. At roughly 1:30 p.m., a natural avalanche hit Little Cottonwood Canyon–which, thankfully, had already been closed. However, those trying to drive down the canyon near the ski resorts were instructed to return to Snowbird and Alta and stay inside.

Alta Logo

Thankfully, Utah Ski Resorts are well aware of the potential issues presented by the large snowstorms the state often gets, and how severe they can be up in the mountains. “The intensity of this storm was stronger than forecasted, but we’re prepared for situations like this.” Brian Brown, the resort communications manager for Snowbird  stated. “In a situation like this when the roads are impassable, Snowbird has the means to accommodate people.”

Snowbird lgoo

The restrictions were loosely lifted that evening at around 6:00 PM, allowing individuals owning cars with either four-wheel drive or chains to safely make their way down the canyon and back to their housing. The avalanche was so severe, however, that any other individuals weren’t able to safely take themselves home until 8 AM the following tuesday morning. And, on top of that, an avalanche warning has persisted in mountainous areas until 6:30 AM Wednesday morning.

While these natural disasters can be devastating, it’s amazing that we now possess the technology and means to effectively and precisely determine the risk of something as severe as an avalanche; and take the necessary precautions to prevent any major damage. And–with social media and radio–we’re now capable of communicating that information to nearby individuals efficiently and effectively.

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Utah Claims 2 of Top 10 Ski Resorts in Recent Polling

Wednesday, January 9th, 2019

During a recent Ski Resort ranking done by USA Today, Utah’s Alta Ski Area and Park City’s Deer Valley resort claimed two of the top-ten spots. Deer Valley by Park City was ranked 7th overall, and Alta Ski Area would up landing in 4th place.


These rankings were determined by taking a standard list of 20 Ski Resorts, which were then wilted down into a list of the top 10 resorts by a ‘panel of experts’. From then on, it was up to popular vote to decide the ordering. We here at Utah State are of the position that the rankings are not entirely accurate, since we believe Utah is #1. After all… it’s the home of the Greatest Snow on Earth.

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Utah Ski Pushes Against Conservation Deals in Favor of Parking Improvements

Friday, January 4th, 2019

“It seems premature to create a conservation and recreation area before developing transportation solutions that reduce congestion and address parking issues in the Cottonwood Canyons” stated Michael Maughan, the president and general manager of Alta Ski Area,  in reference to the newly proposed federal designation for the Wasatch canyons. The bill is proposed to give 80,000 acres of land to the Central Wasatch Conservation and Recreation Area–with 1/10th to be negotiated between ski resorts and the US Forest Service. However, the Central Wasatch Commission–whom unanimously endorsed the bill–hasn’t been scared to fight back.

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Lindsey Nielson, spokeswoman for the Central Wasatch Commission stated that the bill was a “lands bill, not a transportation bill” in response to outcry from Maughan and his associates. Nielson also added that the commission isn’t simply ignoring the known traffic issues surrounding ski resorts like Alta, but rather actively working with UTA and performing a separate analysis around parking structures.

Alta Logo

Maughan, however, believes not enough attention is being put towards the long-standing parking issue surrounding the Utah ski  industry–citing a 2003 Forest Service management plan which prevents ski areas from creating additional parking. A plan, which has yet to be updated to account for the 25% increase in skiers since the year 2000.

Utah Ski Resorts Claim 3 of the Top 10 Spots in Recent Rankings

Tuesday, December 18th, 2018

TurnKey Vacation has recently put together a study showing the months, prices, and ski resorts travelers prefer to ski at–ranking several ski resorts in the process. Within this ranking, Utah’s Snowbird, Park City Mountain, and Powder Mountain resorts ranked amongst the top 10.

“We don’t just say ‘The Greatest Snow on Earth’ for no reason”, stated Caitlin Furrin of Ski Utah. Furrin states Utah snow has “Less water content in it” than other parts of the country, resulting in the extremely light and poofy snow that Utah is known for. “It’s really fun snow to ski because it’s so light”. Furin recommends staying a little farther from the resort than one normally would, and purchasing a multi-resort pass–as Utah resorts are so closely located to one another that travelers are allowed the luxury of choosing to ski not just one–but possibly even all–the local resorts.


Interested in trying out “The Greatest Snow on Earth” for yourself? Feel free to call the team at (801)544-1800 or visiting our website at today & save BIG!

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Ski Museum Hosts New Exhibits Honoring Utah Athletes

Wednesday, December 12th, 2018

Alf Engel and Stein Erikson. What do these two men have in common? Well, other than both being Norwegian skiers who later settled in Utah, they’re also both featured in the Alf Engel Ski Museum at the Olympic Park! The museum seeks to honor and preserve the accomplishments of these two 20th century skiers–and now several modern skiers as well.


“Our family didn’t know what to do with dad’s trophies.” Alan Engel stated, explaining his family’s reasons for building the museum. “He had a whole house full of them”. Engel states that the museum serves as a means to preserve and honor the skiers throughout Utah’s history along with their success, accomplishments, and contributions to the sport. Recently, the museum unveiled two new exhibits hoping to achieve this goal.

“We broke from being just Olympic athletes who have done well at World Championships” stated Tom Kelly, the chairman of the museum’s board, in regards to adding the new exhibits. “We wanted to make sure they were honored”. The first to be honored was Sarah Hendrickson–the first female to jump at the Olympic events. Hendrickson had also claimed several victories at international tournaments.


The second skier to be honored was Lindsey Van, whom was influential in the decision regarding allowing women to participate in the 2014 Olympic ski jump event–which Hendrickson took place in. She accomplished this by winning a lawsuit after the 2010 Olympics hosted a Men’s Ski Jump, but failed to provide a Woman’s Ski Jump event.

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Ski Utah – 5th and 6th Grade Passport

Wednesday, December 5th, 2018

The Ski Utah 5th and 6th Grade Passport is a special deal for children in the 5th and 6th grades.

Students in the 6th grade will be able to ski 13 of Utah’s resorts once during the season–13 days of skiing for only $45!

But it still gets better–5th graders get the luxury of having the same deal except for how they can ski each resort up to three times! That’s 39 days of skiing for $45!

There are many more perks that come with the passport such as discounts on rentals, mountain biking packages, and even participation in the ‘Little Yeti Contest’. The ‘Little Yeti Contest’  where anyone with a 5th or 6th grade passport who went skiing on all 13 available resorts can win new skis/snowboard, lift tickets for next season, and various other ski goods like helmets and goggles!

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