Avoid Backcountry, Avalanche Forecasters Warn

The untouched backcountry snow may be tempting, but be careful: Utah Avalanche Forecasters warn that the weakened snowpacks found in the backcountry come with increased risk of avalanches. Regardless of how seasoned you are, experience and gear can’t save you from an avalanche.

Image courtesy of KSL

Utah’s famous snow is fun to shred, but quick to dread for those who aren’t careful. Thankfully, we have teams of experts analyzing the slopes and snowfall to ensure everyone’s safety. Be sure to heed all warning signs and announcements–and avoid the backcountry slopes!

If you’re ever unsure whether skiing a certain area will be safe or not call the team at UtahState.com at (801)544-1800 and one of our agents will be able to answer all of your questions. UtahState.com: Utah’s #1 Ski Agency!

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