Utah Snow Still Enjoyable, Despite Resort Closures

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You can still enjoy the snow! Even though the Utah ski resorts closed early this year due to COVID-19, we had a wonderful ski season up until the closure. Sadly there is still tons of snow in the mountains of Utah. Take a look at these pictures. Look closely and the ski slopes you can see are at Solitude ski resort in Big Cottonwood Canyon Utah. Over the mountain is Little Cottonwood Canyon where Snowbird and Alta ski resorts are located.
We didn’t want the snow to go to waste so two of the skier / reservation agents at UtahState.com took these pictures while hiking with micro spikes on May 11, 2020. Cross country skiing would have been awesome as well. The next ski season is coming soon. For the best deals for next ski season call the team at www.UtahState.com in Layton Utah. We are #1 for ski Utah vacations!

Ski Resorts Filled With Snow and Not Skiiers

So much snow and no skiers or snowboarders anywhere. It’s enough to make you want to cry! This picture was taken on May 8, 2020 by a snowboarder who is also a reservation agent at UtahState.com. In this view you are looking across Big Cottonwood Canyon at Solitude Ski resort.


The mountains peaks in the distance are in Little Cottonwood Canyon. That’s where Snowbird Ski Resort and Alta Ski Resort are located. The 2019 / 2020 ski season was awesome with over 600 inches of snow. Sadly the Utah ski season was cut short due to the COVID-19 crisis. The good news we’ll begin taking reservations for the 2020 / 2021 ski season on July 1, 2020. We can’t wait to get back to “ski Utah”. Home of the Park City Quick start. For the best deals on ski Utah vacation, call the ski desk at UtahState.com 801-544-1800

Summer vacations at Park City Mountain Resort / Canyons Village

Park Chity

Park City Mountain Resort at Canyons is the first base area to welcome you to Park City Utah. It’s a wonderful destination for either summer or winter vacations. The best team in Utah to plan your Park City summer or winter ski vacation is UtahState.com in Layton, Utah. The ski Utah division of Snelgrove Travel in Layton Utah is recognized as Utah best travel agency. This family style, guest centric Canyons village plays host to a variety of events and also provides direct access to the Orange Bubble Express, the country’s first bubbled and heated chairlift. All this just 4 miles from historic Main Street Park City. Upon arrival at Canyons Village, a distinct all-in-one village vibe will present itself, allowing you easy access to Utah’s legendary powder. Accessibility from lodging to lifts, ski school and other guest services provide an easy, family friendly guest experience. Park City Canyons, an All Mountain Lodging Company is a great resource when visiting Park City. A wonderful Utah company to do business with. Check with the team at UtahState.com for the latest updates on the Park City Quick start.

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“So large and varied is Canyons that every level of skier will find not just some terrain, but a bewildering amount of it.”
–Tony Chamberlin, Boston Globe

Park City ski resort Canyons Village caters to folks who really love to ski and snowboard and can appreciate how well our diverse terrain holds and protects an average annual 355 inch bounty of snow. Whether you visit as a family, a group or a single, you’ll find endless terrain for every style and ability.

Snowbird and COVID-19

Snowbird Utah is awesome. One of the best ski resorts in the world! Latest news from Snowbird: “COVID-19 is impacting all of us in different and personal ways, and we extend our thankfulness and appreciation to our community and in particular to the healthcare workers for their role on the front lines. Specific to Snowbird, the effort to slow the spread of COVID-19 first meant a temporary suspension of operations which, with the escalating seriousness of the public health crisis, ultimately resulted in our indefinite suspension of operations on March 21, 2020″. The 2020 / 2021 ski season is inching closer, so remember to use Snelgrove Travel and UtahState.com for all your Utah ski trips. Located in Layton Utah, we can be reached by calling 801-544-1800 or sending requests to [email protected] Ski Utah.


Park City Streets Empty Following Early Ski Resort Closure

Park City, Utah is a ghost town with near empty streets due to COVID 19 restrictions put in place. Many Snelgrove Travel and UtahState.com customers are disappointed the Utah ski season was cut short. Friday marked day one of the Summit County “Stay at Home” order and a empty Main Street in Park City showed residents are complying.

Park Chity

“It’s a little eerie,” said Park City resident Meghan Gies, who was walking her dog. “It’s nice when it calms down, but this is a little too calm”. This reflects the sentiments of the staff at Snelgrove Travel in Layton Utah and the ski desk at UtahState.com

Summit County was the first county in Utah to have such an order to flatten the COVID 19 curve. County health officials reported 102 confirmed cases of the virus on Friday, the second-highest total of any county in Utah.

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The order is not a complete lockdown or a shelter in place, and officials wanted to remind Park City area residents they can leave their homes for essentials like food and gas while maintaining a six-foot social distance.

Park City Police Captain Phil Kirk reported that police have ramped up patrols, making sure people are complying in areas like the business district and where people tend to exercise. For more information contact SnelgroveTravel.com 801-544-1800 or the ski desk at UtahState.com. With offices in Layton Utah, we are here to serve you. We like to think Snelgrove Travel is Utah’s Best Travel Agency.

Show Shoeing and Winter Hiking in Utah


Besides skiing and snowboarding, Utah is awesome for snowshoeing or winter hikes with micro spikes place over your summer hiking boots. The staff of skiers and snowboarders at UtahState.com, a division of Snelgrove Travel in Layton Utah, recommend The Willow Heights Travel in Big Cottonwood Canyon.


This trail is located near Solitude Ski Resort and leads you to Willow Lake. It is a moderately difficult trail requiring either snowshoes or micro spikes in the winter. But honestly, anytime is a wonderful time to visit The Willow Heights trail. The team at UtahState.com and Snelgrove Travel give it two thumbs up! Can’t beat the price…..free! Have you heard the news that Snelgrove Travel in Layton Utah is “Utah’s Favorite Travel Agency”?

Resort Snow Depth Still Exceptional, Despite Closures



This is the snow depth as of March 26, 2020. With Utah ski resorts closed due to the Corona virus and seeing these awesome skiing and snowbording conditions, can we just say it’s enough “to make a grown man cry”. This weeks big storm is now behind us and more are on the way! We will see some additional weak waves bring the occasional threat of snow showers this weekend into next week.  We appreciate the support from all of the customers of UtahSate.com. We strive to be #1 for ski vacations to Utah. Next ski season is just around the corner and will be here before we know it! Think of great deals including our popular Utah “ski bum” vacations for your future ski vacations. It will be another year before we see if the Park City Quick Start Ski Free on Day of Arrival comes back. www.UtahState.com is in Layton Utah at 801-544-1800.

Utah Ski Resort Closures Hit Employees Hard

Over the course of a single weekend ski resorts from all over the state of Utah went from bustling ski metropolises to abandoned ghost towns due to concerns regarding the COVID-19 virus. What should have been a successful and fruitful wrap-up of the 2019-2020 ski season has instead become an indefinite halt of all working procedures for both resort and resident.


Paul Vatterott, a bookkeeper at Alta ski resort’s Rustler Lodge recounted the weekend and its impact on the resort’s employees. Approximately 70 of the 110 employees worked seasonally and were housed at the lodge itself. By Wednesday Paul estimated about 20 remained. While some workers may have family, friends, or other work to fall back on others are not as lucky. Those who rely on seasonal work not only expected it to carry on into mid-April or early May, but may also miss out on work in the summertime due to the increased preventative closures in fear of the incoming virus.

Unfortunately, seasonal employees are unlikely to qualify for unemployment benefits. To help mitigate the damage caused by both the virus and lack of unemployment benefits, employers themselves are aiding their employees who have found themselves unexpectedly jobless and homeless. Rustler Lodge, for example, is allowing employees to remain using the Lodge employee housing for as long as needed. This comes with concern, however, as this may lead to a high concentration of individuals living together where, if the virus were to hit, it would spread rapidly.

Snowbird Cliff Lodge

Most resorts are also extending employee payment to the end of the month, along with end of season bonuses and, in some cases, payment for the remainder of the planned ski season. International employees are also allowed to use company housing/lodging through the previously planned closing dates. Resorts such as Alta also noted that health insurance and healthcare benefits would not be affected.

Corona Virus and the 2019-2020 Ski Season

Sadly the Corona virus put an early end to an awesome Utah ski season. Such a shame when the snow depth is over six feet at all major Utah resorts. Hang in there friends and let’s look forward to the next ski season.
Sandy Ski Lift
As of Tuesday, March 18th 2020, every Utah ski resort has stopped the majority of their operations. This, unfortunately, has lead to the plethora of businesses relying on the ski season’s tourism to follow suit in closing up a month before the season’s previously predicted end.
The majority of Utah’s largest resorts are paying their seasonal employees for their currently scheduled hours through Sunday, March 21st. Alta, meanwhile, is paying its seasonal employees through the remainder of the month.
Alta Logo
The resorts are scheduled to reopen for the 2020 / 2021 ski season on November 20, 2020. Don’t forget to call Snelgrove Travel and UtahState.com 801-544-1800.  See you on the slopes!

Utah Ski Resorts Report Above-Average Snowpack

All across the state of Utah, above average snowpack is being reported! 2020 is shaping up to be a great year for visitors to our Utah Ski Resorts!

The most drastic increases have been seen in southern western Utah where they saw 232% of average snowpack. These reports come from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service. The only exception this year is Raft River in Northwestern Utah near the Idaho border, where only 87% of normal snowpack was reported.

For our skiiers and snowboarders from UtahState.com this is great news! Our travel agents Diana and Michelle were recently at Snowbird Ski Resort and reported seeing great skiing conditions! If you haven’t booked your Ski Bum package yet, now is the time to do so! Call our friendly travel specialists at 801-544-1800 or toll free at (800) 754-4136.

 Snowbird 2019 staff photo