An Introduction to Watson Shelter – Alta

If you are spending the day at Alta Ski Resort, perhaps as a part of our SKI BUM SPECIALS, a great place to stop for a meal is the Watson Shelter near the Collins lift. Watson Shelter is a three story building, with different food options on each level.

Watson Shelter - Alta

The first level, aka the ‘snow level’, is where you can find Baldy Brews, your cafe stop for coffee and snacks. In addition to coffee they also have beers on tap.

The second level is home to Watson Cafe, where you can get a more substantial meal. You can enjoy the great view of Mount Superior and Mount Baldy while you eat, and deck seating is optional.

Looking for a full service sit down restaurant? Collins Grill is a European mountain Bistro, with a world class menu. Reservations are recommended between noon and 2pm, especially on weekends and holidays. They also have slippers available for you to take a break from your ski boots.

Remember – we can get you a discount on your ski lift tickets! Call our travel center at (800) 754-4136.


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