Alta Ski Resort: History & Passion

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Indeed there is a spirit to Alta. Perhaps it is because generations of skiers have been able to pass on their love for the mountain. It may be because there is a bit of a “purist’s” feel for those who choose to ski here. Whatever the reasons, Alta is a place that many local and destination skiers choose to call home.
Alta was the first ski area in Utah to install a lift, two years behind Sun Valley, Idaho’s installation in 1936. Alta grew slowly, building new lifts as the numbers of skiers grew and working with businesses in the area to provide day shelters and eventually lodging.  Alta became a ski area the winter season of 1938-39. A passionate group of local businessmen and relief from the tax burdens of a long-time Alta miner were the catalysts for the formation of Alta.
Alta has been referred to as a “skier’s mountain” for many reasons. It is known for its scenery, diverse terrain and for the uncanny quality of snow that it receives season after season. Also, Alta does not allow other types of winter recreation other than skiing. It is a watershed, so no mechanized vehicles are allowed. The ski area has decided to be “just for skiers”, so other snow-sliding equipment is not allowed. It is one of three areas in the United States that does not allow snowboarding.

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