A little known fact – Alta Ski After 3

Good afternoon skiers! Ski season is in full swing, and Alta currently has 4/6 lifts open daily 9am-5pm. Daily lift tickets can run around $160 – but are you aware of Alta’s after 3:00 discount? From 3pm-4:30pm skiers can access the lifts for $15!

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Alta has had this ‘Ski After 3′ program for years, but it’s not well known. If you live here in Utah, you can even get a season pass for Ski After 3, price for this season $49. Do note that the season pass is only available online. Check out more details via the ALTA website. The Ski After 3 promotion applies to the beginner terrain on the Sunnyside and Albion chairs, as well as the Transfer Tow.

For those of you who are planning to visit Utah or who are coming on one of our Ski Bum packages, you can also take advantage of this program to fit an extra ski resort into your itinerary. For example, if you have a park city ski pass, but you want to at least experience some of the Little Cottonwood powder, you can!

Stay safe out there on the slopes and enjoy the powder!


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