Utah Ski Resorts Rated Among the Best

According to Wanderu, Utah has three of the USA’s top four skiing destinations! Considering the size of the nation, and especially the amount of ski resorts present within the rocky mountains alone makes the quality of Utah‘s resorts even more impressive! Wanderu’s Best Skiing Destinations in the US judged the resorts based on a variety of features, from the price of an all-day pass to the number of ski trails.


Powder Mountain was apparantly crowned the best Ski Resort in Utah. It boasted an average 500 in. of snowfall, $79 all-day pass, and was only 25 miles from the nearest airport!

Park Chity

Park City Mountain Resort claimed the spot of second best Ski Resort in Utah, and though it lacked in the average snowfall category, nearly twenty times as many as restaurants and more than ten times as many hotels were near the resort than were near to Powder Mountain.

Snowbird Ski Resort

Snowbird Ski Resort was able to make the spot of third in Utah and fourth overall in the US. It averaged around 500 in. of snowfall, the same as Powder Mountain, and an all-day pass costs about $30 less than one for Park City Mountain Resort!

The Ski Resorts here are great, and with the flash snowfall that we got here in Utah last night, things can only get better from here! Feel free to call one of our agents at (801)544-1800 today & save on your vacation!

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