Insane Overnight Snow in Powder Mountain

It’s incredibly frustrating to wake up to a coat of snow and frost on your car’s windows and windshield. But compared to the snow that Powder Mountain experienced earlier this year, the average two or three inches is nothing.


In this video uploaded on January 15th by The Weather Network, we can see a few parked cars nearly covered in snow. It seems unusual, but it might be likely when you’re high up in the mountains. And you’re probably right–a couple feet of snow surrounding cars in the winter when you’re at a high elevation shouldn’t be the most unusual occurrence. But then, in the corner of the video, you see someone driving with more than their car’s height in snow piled on top of it. Strange.

This year’s snowfall has been great–and this video is a great visual representation of what it’s felt like to be living in Utah this winter! We may only hope that next year’s snowfall will make the slopes as good as it has this year! If you’re thinking about reserving a ski trip for the remainder of the 2016 – 2017 ski season, or want to prepare for the 2017 – 2018 ski season, be sure to check our deals and contact one of our agents at (801)544-1800 today & save!

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