10th Annual Ski City Shootout!

Mother Nature with skiers and snowboarders rejoicing, many of whom are commenting how it’s just like the good ol’ days. The most recent storm total has taken this winter’s snow total to our annual average of 500 inches at Brighton, with each of the Cottonwood resorts enjoying a base depth of nearly 150”…and it’s only the first half of March!

And the timing of this latest series of storms could not have come at a more opportune time as we are in the midst of the 10th Annual Ski City Shootout, a yearly photo contest pitting seven of the best professional ski photographers (and 21 skiers) against one another for bragging rights and some substantial cash prizes. To commemorate this 10th year of the Shootout and the incredible depth of photographer and athlete talent that calls Ski City (a.k.a. Salt Lake) home, we’ve made it an all-Utah affair. Assembled is one of the most impressive lists of teams (one photographer and three skiers each) currently throwing down to produce some phenomenal ski imagery you’ll undoubtedly see across the pages of the world’s top ski publications next fall. Go here to see some real-time action happening this week!

Also currently throwing down on our behalf is our state legislature, made up of our representatives putting in long and often tedious hours of work. For that, I am thankful and indebted. If you agree with their stances, let them know; if you’re concerned with the direction your representatives are taking, I encourage you to contact them. Participation is key to our democracy.

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